Cotinus Coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ (Smoke Bush)

royal purpleA bushy large shrub with rounded, deep purple leaves turning red in autumn. Great as a backdrop plant for contrasting colours such as blue agapanthus. Sprays of white flowers form a soft haze over the plant in summer. As the flowers fade they turn silver-white, and this is where the common name “smoke bush” comes from. Will grow to 4m+, but once established cut back hard to promote dense new foliage in spring.

Size + Prices: Pot size 15L 100-120cm £35.00

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Magnolia Stellata “Rosea”

Magnolia Stellata RoseaThe pink flowering variety of Magnolia Stellata. This compact, round deciduous shrub has masses of fragrant, star-shaped flowers in April. The flowers are pink in bud opening to a very pale pink. These are followed by oval shaped mid- green foliage. Full sun or light, dappled shade. Requires a fertile, well drained soil. Avoid chalk/alkaline soils. Choose a sheltered spot for planting, as the flowers can be damaged by the wind. Slow growing, max height and spread 2.5m.

Size + Prices: Pot size 35L 160-175cm £85.00

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